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    Mi Roaming

    I tried installing it but I got the error "App not installed". I can install the chinese version of the App but it automatically disables itself. It would be great if there was a workaround for this issue as it is such a convenient feature. Is there any other way to make use of the eSim that a...
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    Invalid MI 8:Stuck at Lockscreen after clean install of WEEKLY 9.4.11

    Hello, I have a Mi 8 Chinese version and I have been using on it for a while now. Because I was having some issues with the system launcher crashing frequently I now tried to clean install the rom. I made a TWRP backup of boot, system and data (disabled Lockscreen password and Face...
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    Hello, I have just installed this version on my Mi5 pro and to my surprise I saw that a 1080p 60fps option showed up in the video settings when using g the front camera (only then). When Selecting that the video gets divided in 3 different colored geometrical shapes. Please use my pictures as a...