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    Need Help ?? How to restore data from Huawei allbackup to Xiaomi ??

    You can use Mobikin Transfer for Mobile,it allows user to trasnfer files between Huawei and Xiaomi directly.The operation is easy and efficient. You could have a try.
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    Is There A Way To Recover Deleted Text Messages On Mi4

    Hi,you can recover deleted massages with the help of 3rd-party data recover program.Highly recommend Mobikin Doctor for Android,it is specially designed for Android phone.The program can scan the deleted data and list them on windows,you can preview and choose what you want to recover.
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    New Trouble With Transferring Files

    Third-party transfer tool can help you solve the problem easily,when connecting your device to computer,the program will scan your foles automatically,then you can transfer files that you want out from your phone .
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    Can't see music folder with android file transfer

    Hi there, Third-party Android Assitant program can help you find your music folder,when you connecting your MI 8 to computer,the program will display all contents of your phone.then you can see you music directly.