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    Recovery stock boot even if i flash TWRP

    Hello i have unlocked and flashed with TWRP my MI9 SE using fastboot commands. Operation gives positive result but when phone reboot stock recovery load. i Have tried reflash several times but nothing, always in recovery stock, Can somenone give me some suggests? Thanks a lot Ciao Andrea
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    No IMEI after flashing Xiaomi 8.9.6 stable release.

    Hi everyone after have flashed MIUI 10 STABLE 8.9.6 mi phone loose both IMEI and now is unusable. (i haven't done qcn file backup) now i have 2 questions : 1- is there any way to restore IMEI? 2-why this is happened? I have already flashed three different version of rom and everything went...
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    Redmi 3 Multirom Install Tutorial

    Link for download ROM doesn't work :(