No IMEI after flashing Xiaomi 8.9.6 stable release.

Jan 30, 2016
Hi everyone

after have flashed MIUI 10 STABLE 8.9.6 mi phone loose both IMEI and now is unusable. (i haven't done qcn file backup)
now i have 2 questions :

1- is there any way to restore IMEI?

2-why this is happened? I have already flashed three different version of rom and everything went well. Is there any options/flag that must be checked before flash rom in TWRP?

Thanks in advance to anyone who could help me.

Oct 9, 2017
Well I've done it once on redmi 3s. There are some tools for Qualcomm devices on internet. You have to search for the thread. I don't remember how I did it but you have to write them manually from the box. There should a thread for some xiaomi device about it.