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    New user of Mi 10 ULTRA. Need help.

    There's plenty of people here that will help you troubleshoot, provided you do your research on the forum and at least read what is in the first post regarding how to install a rom. It's quite easy if you follow the instructions. Once you have set it up correctly, installing updates is a...
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    New user of Mi 10 ULTRA. Need help.

    It'll work on a stock rom, if you can get used to having all sorts of Chinese popping up even when you've selected English, can get around the bloatware and the - in my own experience - limited Google apps functionality. I can't imagine why you wouldn't at least want to have the stable EU rom...
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    MIUI 12.6 21.6.16/17

    Had some problems with the camera crashing after installing this rom on my Mi 10 ultra. Cleared the camera app data, now it's working fine so far.
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    MIUI 12.6 21.6.9

    No issue with Google lens on my Mi 10 ultra, works just fine, even with this rom
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    [GUIDE][alioth] How to install ROM for Xiaomi Redmi K40

    You'll need to download the twrp version available (this one), and rename it to «twrp.img» then open a CMD dialog box enter "fastboot boot twrp.img" --> twrp will be uploaded to the device (not installed), and booted then upload the rom to the phones memory (or use an OTG dongle with a...
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    New Youtube vanced bluetooth remote control when screen off

    Is battery optimization turned off for the app?
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    Wireless Car Charger - Mi 10 Ultra

    Yup, I have, works just fine for me.
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    Mi 10 Ultra not switch ON.........

    Sorry to say, but nothing really strange here. It should come as no surprise the phone is likely to get bricked when you rip out the USB cable whilst the phone is flashing it's firmware. Do not ever interrupt when it's flashing... do not power down or disconnect the USB memory or anything like...
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    MIUI 12.5 21.3.24/25

    I had the same issue on my Mi 10 ultra today. A reboot fixed it, for now.
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    New MIUI 12.2 20.9.17 bugs on MI 10 Ultra

    Is it me or is the front-cam Mi 10 Ultra green video thing solved? I haven't noticed it in recent weekly releases, but it's still listed as a bug... ?
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    MIUI 12.5 21.3.10/11

    Installed just fine on my Mi 10 Ultra.
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    MIUI 12.5 21.3.3/5

    VoLTE icon now visible in the statusbar on the Mi 10 Ultra. Great, thanks!
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    MIUI 12.5 21.2.24/25

    Having a lot of trouble getting VoWifi to work on the Mi 10 ultra too, but it seems to be working again now after rebooting and revalidating the EEA mbn.
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    MIUI 12.5 21.2.3/4

    Hi Igor, selecting the EEA profile and validating it works nicely on the Mi 10 ultra I have for getting VoWifi to work - but it doesn't 'stick' - I have to manually re-validate every now and then to get the VoWifi to work again. Any thoughts on how to make this permanent?