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    Editing Slow motion video crash

    And the slow motion vids are not compatible with google photos app. It used to work better. -Mi8 9.1.17
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    weekly update 18.12.20

    Same issue with newest 18.1.17
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    "GPS Optimizer" Magisk's module. Does it solve the GPS problem?

    In my case gps issues are quite random. This module didnt really help
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    Mi 8 GPS Issue

    you mean "non-interactive mode" -> disable ? (which would be equal to interactive mode -> enable :D) anyways i am using those two options, GPS is working until after afew hours, where i have to restart the phone... From all the mixed messages i read everywhere it seems like something else is...
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    Mi 8 GPS Issue

    Im trying to flash Global through recovery but it doesn't work. So i started with official Stable china rom. After the unlock period, i moved to EU, but have GPS issues. So now im trying to get Mi8 global working, from EU rom. So downloaded the recovery version, and trying to flash through...
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    Mi 8 GPS Issue

    So i received the phone with china rom. It worked fine. after the 15 days i changed to .eu rom and no more gps, and reboots don't work, also this has been widely reported for EU rom so far. Magisk gps file didn't help. I will try to wipe and reflash today. Doing titanium backup as we speak.
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    Mi 8 GPS Issue

    With the stock china it worked perfectly.
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    Mi 8 GPS Issue

    I tried the same with Magisk but my gps never works. Not even after restart.
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    Mi 8 powers off instead of rebooting

    for me problem still came up randomly on 8.7.19, not sure yet about 8.7.26. This is espcially annoying with the GPS not working on EU rom, where only a restart is supposed to help.
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    Mi 8 GPS Issue

    Im on eu 8.7.26 still no gps... I think im going back to china miui
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    Shutdown At 20%

    Also i have the feeling my battery degraded dramatically since i had the phone (~6 months now) could this be related to quickcharge?
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    Shutdown At 20%

    Same here actually since pokemon go, which eats my battery like cookies.
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    Usb/vga Adapter Support

    Are you serious? My old mi2s could do MHL. Did you try?
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    Mi4c Touchscreen Issue!

    I can confirm, it's the same with mine. I hope it can be fixed, seems like a hardware problem?
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    [rom]-- Smiui Rom -- Ultimate Custom Rom --[multilang,stable/weekly]

    I Just realized I have no audio in calls, incoming or outgoing...