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    No. Do a clean install and wipe all. Gesendet von meinem MI 8 mit Tapatalk
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    Thank you for the information! Gesendet von meinem MI 8 mit Tapatalk
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    Ok, I was wrong - the calendar entries still get deleted. Any tips about this issue? Gesendet von meinem MI 8 mit Tapatalk
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    It synchs when I click on synch manually in the google cal app - if I lock the app in the recents overview, the events also don't get deleted any more. Dont knoe why they get deleted - I've no scheduled cache clean activated... Strange Gesendet von meinem MI 8 mit Tapatalk
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    Works great on my Mi8 - very happy about the new "double tap 2 lock" feature - works great! thank you devs! :) PS: Only "issue": The calendar items disappeared after doing a dirty flash - but synched it with google again and everything was there again, so no big deal, if you have stored your...
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    Can't you just take another theme with a Font on the lockscreen, which looks better to you? Why do the rom developers have to change the standard theme? Doesn't make sense to me, sry... Gesendet von meinem MI 8 mit Tapatalk
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    Invalid Slow motion

    I have the same issue on my Mi8 with 8.11.15 - 120 and 240FPS mode does not produce slow motion videos. In fact, they do not play as "slow motion" videos using the xiaomi original gallery app. So i don't know, if this is an issue when the slow motion video gets recorded or if the gallery app /...
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    [INFO] Confirmed Issues (Weekly) & FAQ

    Hello, My device: Mi8 - ROM 8.11.15 Beta Since the Mi8 got the camera update for ultra-slow-motion (960FPS), the 120FPS and 240FPS option does not produce slow motion videos. If I record videos in 120 or 240FPS slow motion mode, the video gets played in normal speed. Is this normal? Before this...
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    Hi, The devs changed this back in the previous miui 9(.5) Roms - but since miui 10 and the new android update, the xiaomi volume control is active again. Dont know, if this is by purpose or happened because of the android upgrade - maybe they change it back? But less Users are mocking...
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    Do a factory reset in twrp Gesendet von meinem MI 8 mit Tapatalk
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    Unlocking with other peoples face does not work. Are u a twin and your brother unlocked it? ^^ Gesendet von meinem MI 8 mit Tapatalk
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    Hab thr same issue a month ago. A factory reset helps. Gesendet von meinem MI 8 mit Tapatalk
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    I can't verify this issue on my mi8. Make sure, the phone is held horizantal when you start to record. My videos are correctly played, depending on the direction I held the device when I started to record. Gesendet von meinem MI 8 mit Tapatalk
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    Dirty Flash on Mi8 from 8.9.13 to 8.9.20 -> no Problem, everything is working so far. THX to the devs! :) Only thing, I noticed since the last release, is, that it's not possible to enter the battery consumption menu out of the security app. If I click on the battery information in the security...
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    Miui 10 -> yes! Android pie -> no. Stay with 8.8.30, it you didn't update yet. It's already miui 10 and quite stable. Xiaomi needs to fix some bugs and improve interface and some little things in the new Android pie version. If you want miui10 and less bugs - go for the 8.8.30 release, you...