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    Miui 9 For Redmi Pro

    Don't restore backup? Why not?
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    Miui 9 For Redmi Pro

    Is there a way to fix this? I have clean flashed miui 8.5 again but wifi is still broken.... :(
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    Miui 9 For Redmi Pro

    Sometimes I can't turn on my wifi. When I turn it on, it turns off directly. After a reboot, it will work for some time, and than it will disconnect again.. I have fresh installed it 2 times. Didn't work.
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    Xposed & Magisk For Miui

    Hi folks, When browsing on XDA, I found a thread about Xposed and Magisk for MIUI. [LINK to thread] I don't know if it works for the REDMI PRO. Only try flashing this if you know what you are doing! And don't forget to NAND backup before you flash. I am not responsible for any bricked phones...
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    Noise Cancelling Cancels Out My Voice

    Whenever I'm making a call, the other person says it sounds like I'm under water or far away from the mic. I've googled it up and found several forum posts about this. The problem is the noise cancelling. I have not found a thread with this problem on the Redmi Pro yet. Is there a possibility...
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    Redmi Pro Stable?

    I have tried with 3 Redmi pro's: 2 on stable rom and 1 on weekly. All three phones were used everyday by me and family. Conclusion: Weekly is more stable and has more new features etc.
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    Which One Is Better? - Weekly 6.12.29 Vs Stable -

    IMO the weekly is stable enough for everyday use. I have never had crashes/problems with the weekly rom. My gf uses the stable rom. Sometimes her camera crashes and she has to reboot again. Also her 3g/4g isn't working well. The phone thinks she is international roaming. So everytime she uses...
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    Mi Account Not Used With Bootloader Unlock Permission.

    Hi, maybe you can unlock the other 4 by making 4 new accounts? I can't think of a better solution. I bought my Redmi Pro on **********. It had a custom/fake/vendor rom on it. So it was already unlocked. IF you're lucky, yours is unlocked too... I just saw you made a new post for the same...
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    Please post how you fixed your problem. This way you will help other people with the same problem. I fixed this problem in TWRP --> Wipe --> Format Data. After that everything worked for me.
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    For the people who also sees chinese twrp on first boot. You can change the language. See img:
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    Install Official Rom Without Unlock The Bootloader

    Hi there, I also have received my Redmi Pro with a "Fake/Vendor rom". I had made a request for unlocking the bootloader but after 2 days of waiting, still no approval. I found out that my device was already unlocked. I managed to flash the rom on my phone without approval from xiaomi...
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    Miui Lovers!!! **1 Thing you hate about Miui Rom that you would like fixed??**

    i want a nice (typography) digital clock widget, not an analog clock. ;p