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    Pocophone f1 not recognized on pc

    You have TWRP installed, this means You can flash custom roms. Just download Xiaomi EU last stable on PC, copy on SD card or OTG flash drive and install it from there. Don`t forget to format DATA.
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    Poco F1 support

    Just reboot in recovery and format data. Than reboot system and encryption will gone/and all files you have on the phone/.
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    MIUI 12.0 MIUI 12.0/12.1/12.2/12.5 STABLE RELEASE

    Than remove Poco F1 from list with supported devices, and lets stop the hopes by users of It.
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    Poco F1 support

    This is how I do it. The video is not mine, but it works. Now I have stable with working Notes app.
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    Any bugs in MIUI 12 for Poco F1?

    Is support fast charge with original charger to you ?
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    Hi, I am with stable EU rom on Pocophone F1. My news section is on Polish, but I am Bulgarian. How to make news showsfrom my country on Bulgarian, or to hide this section?
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    WiFi problem after root

    I don't try last official TWRP, but may be the same.
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    WiFi problem after root

    I flash on my Poco last EU stable rom than flash last Magisk 20.0 and WiFi stops working. Then flash older version of magisk and all was fine. Any idea what is the point here? Anytime I do clean install.