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    Locked phone

    Hi Cobben, Thanx for reply. Phone is boot locked and I do not have a second xioami phone . Phone only boots and gets stuck at enter password which I dont know .Cant connect to internet or use any other function on part. Is there not a way to flash a bootloader unlock via a pc and then flash...
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    Locked phone

    Hi , I did a factory reset on my Redmi Note 4 -global edition and after reboot it requested a password to verify the cloud account.I cannot remember the account password and am now locked out . Phone has a mido version 8 os installed. I tried a few tricks but nothing works and now want to...
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    Device is locked

    Good Day, I did a factory reset and when I rebooted phone screen shows locked out. I cannot remember my account no and password. I have tried various legal things as per google recommendations but nothing works. Is there any way of removing this feature or can is a replacement rom I can can...