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  • HI, i'd like to ask if you know why my galaxy s doesn't boot after installing lang pack. Yesterday it was booting for 15 minutes and nothing happened. But if I just install Andy's rom 2.5.19 without lang pack it works, why? I need the italian pack.

    p.s. I have "speedmod-kernel-k13e-500hz", is this mybe the reason why my phone doesn't boot with LP?
    Hi. Any progress on fixing Camera.apk in Andys rom? I have 100% correct strings for Camera.apk because I also do LP for NS. But SGS and GNEX have FC (NullPointerException) when entering video recording mode. I think that in some point apktool breaks apk but I don't know how. I've tried different versions of apktool and aapt. Still no use.
    I am using Linux only ;)
    See pm... will maybe post a way to "automate", but be warned, you need linux and windows on your pc... :p
    hi, i see you made a german lenguage pack, i'm italian and i tryed to make an italian LP using ApkTranslator, decompiled transalted recompiled and created, but when i install it nothing changes, can you give me some tips on how to create a working LP? thx
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