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    8.6.21 v2

    Hey guys. Where I can report the brazilian portuguese language bug? Since some V9 versions, it shows Portugal language.
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    I did a clean install and Brazilian Portuguese is still on Portugal Portuguese. It happens since old versions of .eu On en.miui ROM is ok.
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    Yes, it is. It doesnt show correct on pt_br since the first 9.6 version.
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    Something weird on translation (I´m using Brazilian Portuguese). On "Settings" app (Configurações in brazilian portuguese) are "Select Sim Card".
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    8.3.29 V2

    Hey guys. At least 4 updates, the portuguese language is incorrect, it show some parts in Portugal portuguese. I notice when after I choose the language, it doesnt ask me the region (on clean install). I tried to chage the region to Brazil, after setup, but the bug continues.
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    Thanx guys! Just for curiosity, why this ROM doenst has the AOSP notification like en.miui?
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    Thanx! This version still showing PT-PT when I choose Pt_BR. Mi Mix 2.
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    Really thanx!! Anybody knows if theres any way to make notifications AOSP on Mi Mix 2 with this version (8.2.1)?
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    Global Rom Notification Style Port For / China Rom ( Developer & Stable )

    Mi Mix 2 rebooting to TWRP after install. Using V2.
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    8.1.25 V2

    Hey guys, really thanx! One question: The Global ROM notification style is the same of AOSP notifications, like this? One more thing, can I use this modification on previously version (8.1.18) Mi Mix 2?
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    I'm trying the Epic ROM now. I liked the change on Miui they made. Edit: This ROM worked fine!
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    So, tell me if it works, please.
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    Not yet. I'll download now and I will try.
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    Flash to official ROM?
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    Weird. I tried again and stil stuck on Mi logo.