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    Resolved BUGs - Samsung Galaxy S2 i9100 - 2.4.6

    I had to go back to GB rom, my phone was getting red hot after less than 10 minutes use. Carl.
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    Resolved 2.3.16 BUGS

    A small bug i have found.. in keyboard settings if I choose 3/4 keypad when I press it instead of a letter a number appears.. Apart from that nothing major.. just what has previously been mentioned.. lockscreen delay is there and the google play/ market icon changing after reboot.. cheers. Carl.
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    Big caller ID

    Hi, I like to have full screen calls so I use ''Big caller ID'' installed which works very well on DarkyRom and Checkrom on my S2, I have switched to MIUI for a change and find that although it does show up briefly when I recieve a call, the default screen over rides it.. Does anyone know...
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    Market freeze and reboot phone

    I have this problem too, freezing on market when scrolling through screenshots, phone re- boots but with massive battery drain sometimes up to 50%. Carl.