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    hello. a little probleme here. "sim network unlock pin" . what it is that ? is the first time there l.e. a big s**t . the phone was unlocked, but now with this great update became locked. I had to pay for sim unlock 3EUR THX MIUI !!
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    a problem to me, the market is missing. samsung galaxy s2
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    hello. a little problem...."export to sim card" doesn't work. i want to export to sim card but apparently sim card is full ,although I have no sim card contacts
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    FC contacts and dialer , when i trying to add a contact :eek: and backup contacts do not work
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    hello. i dont know how but the link from download is not activated
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    MIUI ROM 2.8.24 Release [ICS & JB]

    since version 2.8.17 phone ( i9100) freezes in various applications (chrome, facebook), it automatically restarts. After that, when I'm in an application and I press the home button,on the screen appears "loading..." and after 2-3sec appears icons on the screen. i try to full wipe but same...
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    Resolved 2.3.16 BUGS

    samsung galaxy s2, I'm very excited! if small bugs are resolved will be great! bugs: 1- FC when accessing Settings -> Sound -> Volumes. 2- FC when trying to choose background from gallery by: Menu -> Wallpaper -> Desktop Wallpaper -> Others -> Gallery. 3- FC when accessing Settings->...
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    mpt driver error

    no one knows?
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    mpt driver error

    so far is ok. for me the only big problem is that I can not connect to pc , mpt driver error (windows 7-64). I uninstalled the driver, I connected the phone, started looking the driver and failed. picture 1& 2 for media device (mpt) and 3&4 for camera (ptp) what can i do?
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    FIX Chinese characters On LockScreen MIUI V4 2.3.16

    the most easy way is : apply the theme again via themes app.