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    MULTI 5.5.22

    Shutter speed up to 32s Is it work with mi3?
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    NEED SLOW-MO!!!!

    V6, but now i use aosp
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    NEED SLOW-MO!!!!

    With random reboots, yeah...
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    official AOSP rom edit 4.9.26

    No more release! 9.18 the last
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    MULTI 4.9.5

    Sissi said: ↑ Any chance to have an update for my Xperia S...or...the development is stopped? No 4.4 no update! Cant u read?.... -.-
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    MULTI 4.9.5

    No 4.4 no update!
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    MULTI 4.8.29

    Will wsm tools works with v6?
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    MIUI 6 on Mi3 Reviews

    Nice saw it yesterday, everything works good?
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    2GB ram but still can't use two apps simultaneously

    We need kernel source first...
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    MULTI 4.8.8

    Yes it is But i think they just show it and later we will get
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    MULTI 4.8.8

    You will see...
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    MULTI 4.8.8

    Only for beta testers!
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    Flashing stable v14 through updater error after multirom ?

    rename stable rom to, go to mi-recovery and flash it!
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    [APP] Mi2raw – enables capturing real raw!

    mi2s 16gb... if u need