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    New Mi One Bugs

    Are you running the latest rom? The letters in my contacts are a little high but I don't think it looks way off. Also I did notice that even though I have sort by last name on, the letter that comes up on the screen is the first letter of the first name. I guess that case wasn't coded in but it...
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    Changelog MIUI ROM 3.4.5 Changelog

    I updated to the latest ROM and all issues were fixed. I have not tested FM radio but I no longer have any wifi problems. Give that a try. If you still have issues then you should probably do a full wipe and reflash
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    Most issues with the Mi-1S were fixed as far as I could tell. I have not tested the FM radio. I have to plug in and unplug the headphones multiple times for them to be recognized on the phone. If I'm using them and I unplug the headphones, the phone still thinks they are plugged in unless I do...
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    Most phones are only water resistant up to a meter and all ports have to be plugged with the rubber covers. If someone makes a phone that I could bring in the pool and the ocean that would be amazing. Some of my friends have the lifeproof case on their iphones and it is pretty cool taking...
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    Changelog MIUI ROM 3.4.5 Changelog

    What problems did you have with the wifi? I found that when my wifi wouldn't automatically connect I deleted all the data for the media storage app and it went away along with a list of problems that I posted in the bug section
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    Aren't they having some big announcement next week? Anyways 150gb storage won't happen because they make economically priced phones. Plus 16gb of ram is overkill. I'm on the MI 1S with 1gb RAM and I'm fine. Engadget just posted a story about the updated MI2 so check it out. 5 inch screen sounds...
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    New MI 1S JellyBean

    A few bugs I have come up with since my switch over to jelly bean. Xiaomi MI 1S 4.1.2 MIUI 3.3.29 -Keyboard dictionary is not loading and all the words come up misspelled without a suggestion. I was forced to download a different keyboard which I like better so I guess it isn't much of a...