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    Invalid Bluetooth bug android 10

    It seems you are the only one with this bug. I also have a Mi9 lite and Bluetooth is working perfectly with my car. Try to make a clean flash.
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    20.1.16/21 v3

    Same here with Mi9 lite and LG TV. Mi8 lite also with Android 10 is working fine.
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    20.1.16/21 v3

    Font on my Mi9 is messed up. Used Mido Round Font all the time and was working perfectly. Now on my SwiftKey Keyboard is another Font as on the rest of the system. This was working all the time since last update. Is there anything I can do? Thanks.
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    Invalid Chromecast does not work.

    Same here. My screen share on mi9 lite is also not working. Mine is finding the device (LG TV) then trying to connect but fails after a few seconds and saying can't connect. Same TV is working fine with Mi8 lite. Both on Android 10.
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    [WEEKLY] Confirmed Issues & FAQ

    On my Mi9 lite I am not able to cast the screen to my LG TV. Already tried to delete data from cast app but no difference. The mi9 lite will find the TV and is also trying to establish a connection but after a few seconds it fails. My Mi8 lite is working fine with the same TV. Both...
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    MIUI 11.2 20.1.2/4

    Till it's finished. Is it really so complicated to read and understand the first post. It's like a kindergarden here. The eu team does not know when xiaomi will release a rom. Go and ask xiaomi. When the rom is released the eu team will adapt it to our needs. And that's absolutely great...
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    MIUI 11.2 20.1.2/4

    Sorry double post....
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    Mi 9 Lite TWRP

    Same here. Was on Android 9 and installed TWRP for Android 10. After installing TWRP I installed eu Rom without problems.
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    MIUI 11.1 9.12.19

    So just wait a day and magically you will see if there is a release or not. No need for ask. Happy Christmas.
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    Ja musst du.
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    Till it's released. Can you read and understand the first post?
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    New Mi8 lite Bluetooth not streaming Audio

    Mi8 lite is connected to my car via Bluetooth. Calls are working perfectly but music streaming is only working if I disable and re enable music streaming in Bluetooth settings. After that it's working till i disconnect from car. Next time I'm connecting to my car the same Procedere with...
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    @Igor Eisberg Can you please say something about the Bluetooth streaming bug. Many people including me have the problem since 3 versions. It's not possible to stream audio in the car until I disable and re enable the audio streaming function in the Bluetooth settings. Thanks a lot.
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    Bluetooth streaming in car is only working once. I have to disable and re-enable music streaming in Bluetooth settings every time. Then it's working till I connect again. Afterwards disable and enable again. Mi8 lite. Problem is with the three last Roms. Please can someone fix the bug...
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    Same on Mi8 lite. Worked perfect before