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    MULTI 6.4.21

    From weekly to stable full wipe From stable to upgrade wipe cache & dalvic imho. Inviato dal mio Mi-4c utilizzando Tapatalk
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    MULTI 6.4.21

    Mi4c with 7.3.1 stable ... Battery drain quickly than previous version.
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    Battery Life

    I remove Google app because the phone was always hot and i didn't use it, the battery die at 14 now i have 40% of energy at 20. Thank you for replay. Inviato dal mio Mi-4c utilizzando Tapatalk
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    Battery Life

    In my mi4c google apps cause heavy battery drain with 7.2.4 stable. I remove it and mi4c battery is ok Inviato dal mio Mi-4c utilizzando Tapatalk
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    MULTI 6.3.31

    Battery drain always should be better! ;)
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    From Weekly To Stable

    When i change rom family i make full wipe whith system and install rom from USB c (mi4c).
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    From Weekly To Stable

    I use xiaomi mi account for make restore & backup. It's slow than local backup but i have all my apps at his place. Remember save, for example, whatsapp chat manually. I try to change rom from weekly to stable without full wipe and i have a lot of error.
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    MULTI 6.3.17

    my mi4c with weekly release have always battery drain. With multi stable have always more than 20% at same time.
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    MULTI 6.3.10/11

    7.2.3 with libra all ok. Best battery Life and perfect WiFi.