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    Thank you very much. I appreciate it. Have added you to my circle too. Maybe we can talk about goods and bads of MIUI... :)
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    Google+ for me too. I would love to have one... Thank you.
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    Officially Addicted to MIUI

    And I thought I was the only one... :)
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    the early bird catchs the worm

    Guess this thread is about absolutely nothing!!!! Hey, we do deserve to make fun of ourselves now and then, right???? LOL
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    What would you change/add ?

    Does battery stats wipe actually improve the performance? By this, I assume you mean battery wipe on the Recovery...
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    the early bird catchs the worm

    Wellllllll... I guess it depends on whether one is a bird or a worm.... :D Not so good for the worm, huh???? LOL But a very good morning to you too!!
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    MIUI-DEV WEATHER Help & Support

    I do not see a SPACE on your command between .apk and \system\app "C:\android-sdk-windows\tools>adb push MIUIDev_Weather_EU_Beta.apk\system\app" Could that be the problem?
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    Donate Mark for new phone to continue development of MIUI 1.3.11 Gingerbread?

    Mark, you may not expect, or like it, but we want to do it. So you are getting it, as a thank you gift from all of us. :D Once you get Nexus S, I hope you will not forget Nexus One. I still love it, and use it... :)
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    REQ: Picasa on MIUI Gallery

    One of the main reason why I keep on using Gallery 3D is because of its link to Picasa Gallery. I would be happy to use MIUI Gallery if Picasa could be linked. I have poked around it, but I do not find it. Have I not seen it, or is MIUI Gallery missing that feature? If its actually missing...
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    Problem on Web Page

    Trash??? Oh Yeah!!!! :) But glad to see it taken care of.
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    Problem on Web Page

    Hey Mark, this is completely off the ROM subject, but I thought I should bring to your notice. On the Forum webpage, the button "Home" on the left hand side top is mashed into "New Posts" below it. My2c
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    New site

    Mark, congratulation on the new home page. I like it.
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    new guy

    Welcome to MIUI world... You will not regret... :)
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    Would you consider paying for the MIUI Weather app if it was made available?

    Mark, I am your new "best-est" friend and am in East Coast, USA, and I am ready to do some testing... :) I have been using Beautiful Widget, but would love to purchase and use this. PS. Just made my donation. Thanks for everything Mark.
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    Would you consider paying for the MIUI Weather app if it was made available?

    It is being marketed as "MIUI Digital Weather Clock", thus my question... Is it the genuine MIUI Weather, which is found in Chinese ROM, or the one that Mark is working on?