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    MULTI 4.6.27

    Thanks Mate!
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    MULTI 4.6.27

    Is this for mi3W???
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    MULTI 4.4.4

    Loooooooooooooooool SRT8!!!
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    Keep or return (asking for advice)

    I would prefer to keep it :)
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    Mi3 battery endurance

    Would appreciate a straight from the horses mouth documentation in respect to the battery endurance of the subject device. Pics posted to prove should be fine!
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    WCDMA Mi3 to go on sale on december

    It's too late!!!, might go for the note iii then...
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    Xiaomi Like Xiaomi China Facebook!

    Have already liked that FB page :)
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    Xiaomi 3rd Birthday!

    Happy happy birthday!!!
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    MULTI MIUI MULTI lang 3.11.1

    Many thanks mate :)
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    MULTI MIUI MULTI lang 3.11.1

    Thanks! - Xiaomi Mi2/S DOWNLOAD ----->>> for Mi2 ?????
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    Xiaomi MIUI ROM Reaches 10,000,000 users! Share the LOVE!!