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    New Mi5 64gb, Only Numbers No Names Call Screen.

    Anyone come up with a solution? Kinda tired of this. Im about to change phone brand if this still persists in miui 8 stable. Works fine on my redmi 3 with official China rom. And mi2 with official global stable.
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    New Mi5 64gb, Only Numbers No Names Call Screen.

    Mi5 64gb atm 6.4.4 miui8 ive had this problem since i was on miui 7 stable. been using rom since the first one for mi5. when someone calls me or i call someone, the name of the contact does not show in the call screen. only number appears. call log is fine, messaging is fine. ive...
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    MULTI Miui 8 Alpha

    Mi5 no caller id only number 6.5.31 Fix?
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    New Call Screen Only Showing Number But No Name

    Does this work on miui8 alpha? What is different in the dropbox version?
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    In Call Ui Issue

    I have the same problem. Caller id never says name only number. Tried everything people sugesting. Country code etc. If anyone knows a solution i would donate a donut . Has bugged Me since i got eu rom. Worked fine on global.
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    MULTI 6.5.19

    I have this problem too. Ive tried everything , country prefix and so on... nothing Works. Mi5 64gb.
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    Google Maps navigation

    ive done that it doesnt help =(
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    Google Maps navigation

    My google maps always freezes when i start navigation, i can scroll around on the map but my position is stuck. Waze and other apps work fine. Anyone else have this problem? Im on latest miuiandroid rom. Its been like this since maps 7 came. Skickat från min MI 2 via Tapatalk 2
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    Is anyone else having this problem?

    i have this problem too, kinda annoying, i remember back in my htc desire days i used miui rom and i had this problem. now its here again, but now im on official mi2 rom.