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    Mi10T banking apps

    Using different banking apps with fingerprint here... No problem! Commerzbank, DKB, Sparkasse Also TAN is working normally...
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    New [UMI 21.2.3] No audio after freeze

    Can confirm this bug Poco F2 Pro latest weekly
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    MIUI 12.5 20.12.28/29

    Anyone knows where to disable zoom Effekt on Homescreen in MIUI 12.5?
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    MIUI 12.3 20.12.9/10

    Same on Poco F2 Pro/K30 Pro
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    MIUI 12.3 20.12.9/10

    I've uploaded it for you. Flash in Fastboot mode with the integrated script...
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    MIUI 12.3 20.12.9/10
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    MIUI 12.3 20.12.9/10

    Still gray Volume bars on Poco F2 Pro
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    MIUI 12.3 20.12.2

    Please share link to wzsx150 recovery... Thank you
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    MIUI 12.1 20.8.20

    Same here on lmi
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    MIUI 12.1 20.8.13

    A clean install is always recommended but if you are on stable you should be good with a dirty flash and just Wipe Cache and Dalvik because Beta is newer than stable...
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    MIUI 12.1 20.8.13

    Installed just fine on Poco F2 Pro Apps are working now and many bug fixes! Thanks to devs for this amazing job!
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    MIUI 12.1 20.8.6/7

    Works here maybe Theme related?
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    MIUI 12.1 20.7.30

    It's in internal testing because Android 11 upgrade and problems with TWRP
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    MIUI 12.1 20.7.23

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    MIUI 12.1 20.7.23

    What device? will update tomorrow