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    How to install Miui ROM on HTC Desire

    Whats the difference between installation of various devices?.. I think theres nothing different... Just put the installation package (u´ve downloaded from MIUI website) into your SD card, get to the HBOOT using volume dn&power buttons, then choose recovery, Install zip from SD card and navigate...
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    Go back to factoryrom??

    Look at
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    How to upgrade without loosing any kind of data?

    You will never lose any apps when u just update ur ROM.. Only if you do the factory reset...
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    Hiding Folders or Apps

    You can hide icon labels in Extended settings mod in MIUI MODS thread..
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    Quick question!

    If it´s not inside of ROMS thread, then its possibly not.
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    [MOD] Extended Settings Menu Options

    That same on my Desire... Every single app....
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    Music doesn't switch off on answering a call - HTC Desire

    Then this problem has been solved ;)
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    Music doesn't switch off on answering a call - HTC Desire

    Does it play with any other player? (PlayerPro for example or just stock MIUI player) cus it may to be only PowerAMP bug..
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    Launcher MOD

    Yep it does
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    Question about versions

    The number 1.9.16 means that it has been relased in 9.september like 1.9.9, in nine of september ;) I think that its only Updater bug..
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    possible to change the SD card after flashing MIUI?

    SD Card has nothing with ur custom ROM storage... You dont flash the ROM into the SD card like OS Windows into HDD.. Its only "increased partition" of ur phone storage so you can exchange ur SD card without saving any data besides ur apps/photos/any other files..
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    Can't charge the battery

    I dont think that its software problem...battery problem? try to charge ur device with another battery.. and at last like u said, ur device died? I cant say that definately but I hope that its false :/
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    Can't charge the battery

    And does the connector goes in correctly? I mean, dont you have any problems with connecting the cable into the port? Another idea, If you look inside of the port, theres small 5mm long board in the center of it. Doesnt it look damaged or broken?
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    [1.9.9] MIUI flipclock bug

    What about settings-->date&time-->use 24-hour format?
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    Black Screen After Flash on Incredible 2

    And does it work with stock ROM?