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  • hey I just wanna ask on how you did the rootfix in miui? i just paste it in system/apps then where do i change these codes?
    then what to do? i will just flash it in recovery mode? tnx newbie here
    Why have you stopped making miui for the Google Nexus S 4G? I have been waiting for MIUI jellybean for crespo4g
    Hello I keep on coming across your name searching for my answer. Have you managed to fix the dual signal bar issue? If so would you care to share the fix with me as I'm on a gnex toro and they have been bugging me for weeks. Thanks either way
    Not sure what gnex toro is or what version your using but there is a fix for the 2.4.13 version
    posted by fergie on page 5 of the
    "Unofficial Devices - Sprint Nexus S 4G" Thread
    Here is a link to the download.
    Hey Fergie i know you got banned from XDA but im still looking forward to that new update, are you releasing an update and where can i find it?
    It's actually always been transparent. Although certain launcher's will have it all black (ex: iLauncher)
    Quick question about the Nexus S 4G build: I may not have noticed this in previous builds, but has the notification bar always been completed transparent, or is this new to the 2.3.16 roms?

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