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    stable for Redmi 6 Pro has been removed from hosts... was there any problem with that rom?
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    MIUI 10.0/10.1/10.2/10.3/10.4 STABLE RELEASE

    A new stable rom for Redmi 6 Pro is uploaded by Xiaomi.Eu But this Rom version is not uploaded on official website I wonder how the Eu admin got hold of this rom when it's not officially uploaded yet.. Any admin here kindly clear my suspicion..
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    Redmi 6 Pro Incoming Call on top screen

    I am having problem in Stable 10.0.2 for Redmi 6 Pro. Whenever I receive incoming call, it's not showing in Full Screen.. it's shown in Top Screen as shown in picture. I have to first tap on the above part of screen, then swipe up to receive call.. I have even tried clearing data for phone...
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    Stable Miui 10 Eu Rom Uploaded for 6 Pro

    No one downloaded the stable Eu rom?
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    Stable Miui 10 Eu Rom Uploaded for 6 Pro

    MANY THANKS to Admin @ingbrzy for uploading the Eu Stable rom for Redmi 6 Pro.. So those who have installed it, kindly share your feedback here.. also share any bugs if found...
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    No more update to 9.6 ??

    Yes kindly upload 9.6 for redmi 4 pro because 10 is very far away..
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    Xiaomi Redmi 6 Pro Miui 10 China Stable

    Waiting for the eu rom..
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    Upload Stable 9.6 Eu Roms Please

    I also have Redmi 4 pro and use stable eu rom...
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    Upload Stable 9.6 Eu Roms Please

    Not everyone use Weekly Roms. So it's request to Admin @ingbrzy to kindly upload stable Roms 9.6
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    Upload Stable 9.6 Eu Roms Please

    Dear Admins STABLE MIUI 10 is very far for come.. So in the meantime, kindly upload the Stable 9.6 Eu Roms for the phones.. Thanks in Advance...
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    Redmi 6 Pro - TWRP+ADB drivers, and OTA Update

    how to root? By super su or magisk?
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    (NEW) Xiaomi Redmi 6 Pro -- ROM update

    Which recovery you flashed? Twrp? If Twrp, from where you download it? I also need Twrp for Redmi 6 pro?
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    From where you get Twrp for Redmi 6 Pro? And did you root by Magisk ?
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    how to Root Redmi 6 Pro Sakura? It's Twrp is not available.... Can someone post link for Sakura Twrp..
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    Kindly Upload 9.6 Stable ROMs

    Dear Admins Now China Stable Rom 9.6 for many models have been released on official site. Kindly upload your Eu Roms for Miui 9.6 Thanks