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    Mi11 Ultra is very hot

    There is a workaround to change the screen to 90hz, working perfectly on my mi 11 ultra. Download an app called SetEdit from play store and install, change the user refresh rate and peak refresh rate to 90hz from whatever you're currently on 60hz or 120hz.
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    [GUIDE][venus|star|mars] How to install ROM for Xiaomi MI11 / Pro / Ultra

    Hopefully this works with my mi 11, I have the mi 11 EU build but it's the Vodafone ROM, I downloaded the stock EU fastboot, extracted and used commands, I think I maybe ran the lock all one stupidly and bricked my phone, basically I enabled ARB, sent it away to Vodafone and got a replacement...
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    Mi11 Global Bricked (Recovered with EDL) Can i flash again?

    I think because it's maybe mines is Vodafone eea, dunno if that had something to do with it bricking, never done that before and been flashing Xiaomi phones for years.
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    Mi11 Global Bricked (Recovered with EDL) Can i flash again?

    Why the f**k are they bricking. I've been flashing ROMs for years and this has never happened until tonight, the problem I think although it was an eea ROM it's a Vodafone build of eea, same scenario, tried to switch ROMs and ran the bat file. Boom, bricked. ******* fantastic.
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    How to enable Voice Match on the K30 5G?

    Google assistant by voice application is blocked. Works on global and eea. The Chinese default assist voice is Mi Ai. This can be changed in app default settings but only by tapping. Ok Google with voice will never work on CN rom.
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    How to enable Voice Match on the K30 5G?

    This is because the CN variant uses mi ai. Even if you remove this with adb it won't work. Assistant will work if tapping but not by voice, the reason for this is it's blocked by default on the Chinese phones and rom.
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    K30 Pro 5G Same Firmware then Poco F2 Pro

    Hi. Because eu is based on the CN variant it will still show as k30 pro zoom. The zoom doesn't lose any functions, it uses the same lmi rom as k30 pro/Poco f2 pro.
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    Camera for k30 pro zoom

    The issue might be fixed with the sims now, still though on the 2nd sim I have full signal bars when sim 1 is active for data, I can receive calls and texts fine on sim 2 and also works fine for data when switching over to sim 2, when switching over though the 4g icon on sim 1 vanishes but still...
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    Camera for k30 pro zoom

    I've tried the Miui 12 beta and seems to be the same as China rom, the data and camera issues are gone. The reason I didn't stay on China beta or Eu is I was having issues passing safetynet. The problem is getapps provides most Google apps apart from play store (I couldn't find it anyway) and...
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    Camera for k30 pro zoom

    Hi, I'm currently back on China rom, the most current does have the toggle 4g and 5g which is good. The sim though does work if switching for data, The China rom will show 4g at the same time. Both models pro/zoom also share the same firmware which is the lmi.
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    MIUI 12.0 20.5.7

    It's out already
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    Camera for k30 pro zoom

    Hi, Yeah it's a bit odd, when taking an image with the China rom at x30 zoom, it's clear. I have flashed the build, in the camera it says x30 but in reality it's more like x10 if I compared it to x10 on China rom.
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    Camera for k30 pro zoom

    It seems that the lmi ROM is flash able for the k30 pro and k30 pro zoom. The k30 pro zoom is model lmipro, it seems that lmipro is only getting the capabilities of lmi
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    Missing options in K30 5G build (but existing in stock fw) - dual band WiFi and 5G switch

    Because the dual 4g is missing only one SIM is active until manually switched, so if SIM 1 is using data, SIM 2 will show signal bars only, enabling SIM 2 for data will only show signal bars with no 4g/LTE in SIM 1. Using Redmi k30 pro zoom.
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    MIUI 12.0 20.4.30 - First MIUI 12

    Is anyone having issues with the 2nd SIM card, doesn't show LTE/4g I'm using the k30 pro zoom