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    1. PRInCEI7
      Hello my friend
      I have worked for some time with my friends to translate Xiaomi rom
      Now the work has been completed the entire rom is translator
      We want to add the Arabic language to ROM
      They hope to add language in the next release

      Greetings and my respect for you
    2. Samu_224
      hi, i have a problem with my mi account verification could i contact a tecnic or admin of miui for helping me?
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    3. Polomotion
      Hi! O ser tou have a mi5... Do tou know because why we dont have the new week version for download?
      Best regards
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    4. Petar Lupic
      Petar Lupic
      Hi, can you please help me?
      I have bought mi 4cte-lt 2gb ram with MIUI Global Phone is full with crap (Apus launcher and commercials, immposible to erase) it's very annoying. I cant find developer software for this model in ram downloads..
      Can you give me a link and how to instal link if it's possible on this model?
      Phone is unusable like this
      Thank you..
    5. emoxam
      Hi! I see there is NO stable Rom at this site with Russian language on miui 8 for xiaomi redmi 2 (2014813).
      The last is
      But if i am right last rom is
      Can you fix this miss please ? I want last stable rom on miui 8 with Russian language.
      Thank you!
    6. Lovro
      Hey, where is update for mi 5 miui 8?
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    7. sexyneha
      Hello, Please help me to unlock my bootloader. Redmi Note 3 SD
    8. aaduo01
      Hello. I have miui 7 Hennessy translated into hungarian language, if you would like to support the Hungarian language. Unfortunately, I do not understand the GitHub to upload the files, but to send you zip format, if you are good. Thank you in advance for your response.
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    9. Felipe1977
      Hi, Can i ask the reason why the stable 7.2 cancro has been remowed? There are some problems?
      Thanks a lot for your answer.
      Sorry me if i'm wrong to write to You.
    10. Xapu90
      Thanks for answer my question. If for other people need, the rom Stable have OTA updates
    11. Ion Lee
    12. pumpa007
      Láttam a MiVoice bejegyzésedet, ez melyik romoktól érhető el? Nálam nem jelenik meg sehol. Mi3-at használok, a legutolsó rommal innen..
      Egyébként hogy és hol működik ez a MiVoice?
    13. vanadium
      Hello graw2.

      Is it possible to open a new thread in MIUI Multi language Project named: Slovenian Translation

      I will try to translate and maintain the translation of miui to slovenian language.

      Best regards Andrej.
      1. graw2
        sorry for late answer, I juts noticed your message. Please contact to Ingbrzy regarding this topic. Thx
        Nov 24, 2015
    14. Andre Kuiper
      Andre Kuiper
      Dear graw2,

      Can you tell me what the bugs are in the latest Miui V6 version for MI2S?
      I saw that you have this phone also.
      And do you use it with mergede partitions?
    15. mateszka
      Szia! Magyarázd már el nekik, mert nem értik meg úgy látom, hogy szar a google play service. Folyamatos FC, még az áruház sem megy. Üdv.: mateszka
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