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    Lockal Backup not working on Miui 13

    I had a Xiaomi device with MIUI 10 and Android 9 or MIUI 11 and Android 10 and I could backup and restore almost all third-party apps (app + app data), only with split apps there are problems and had to install it manually the split apps. Since Android 11 on Xiaomi devices it is no longer...
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    Lockal Backup not working on Miui 13

    Are you sure according to your video I saw apps like Facebook and your local MIUI backup was 0.91 GB, I think here the app + app data was backed up. To test this it would be good if you delete a game or the Facebook app and then manually restore your local MIUI backup, select Facebook or a...
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    Unlock bootloader without Xiaomi MI account?

    Hi how can I unlock the bootloader without MI account (Xiaomi ID)? So an offline possibility I'm looking for, because when Xiaomi shut down their central server there is no way to unlock the bootloader afterwards, because the MI account (Xiaomi ID) can only be created with data connection and...
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    Lockal Backup not working on Miui 13

    Does local backup via MIUI Backup work for third party apps? If so can you take a screenshot? I think it does not work on MIUI 13.