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    MIUI 13 22.4.6/7

    not necessary! going from weekly to stable it's a downgrade so format is needed. stable to weekly i don't believe there is a need for formatting data
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    New POCO F3 MIUI 13 22.3.30 Music player bug

    Poco F3 nightly 22.3.30/31, same issue: song in a loop after receiving a notification using the native music player. I had no issue when stable rom was installed, but after updating to nightly , this occured
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    MULTI Miui 8 Alpha

    working nice on mi2. been testing it for some time. thx
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    [dev] Opensource (multiboot) Bootloader: Efidroid (formerly Grub4android)

    I made this on "paint" coz im too lazy to install photoshop and i wanted to share with you my idea
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    [dev] Opensource (multiboot) Bootloader: Efidroid (formerly Grub4android)

    in a matter of design, since grub is some sort of parasite, you can use "ouroboros" style instead of a triangle. The ouroboros is the emblem of the eternal return and the cyclical nature of time. Its symbolism joined the Phoenix constantly reborn from its ashes . just a suggestion :D
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    How many of us will be buying Xiaomi MI4 ?

    It's not about the size of the phone (at least for me), let me explain: Samsung and all the other manufacturers showed us that even a small hand can carry a 6 to 7 inch device. But the idea isn't in holding it (I can also hold a 42inch tv with a hand), it's in the usage. Why the f*** to create a...
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    How many of us will be buying Xiaomi MI4 ?

    @RadarNyan indeed you're right my bad :D btw, the one you posted is the wcdma, because i think i saw the "LTE" using a samsung battery (courtesy of *******)
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    How many of us will be buying Xiaomi MI4 ?

    well the battery can be swapped @RadarNyan in the mi4 (saw the teardown pics on miui forum)
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    How many of us will be buying Xiaomi MI4 ?

    and i always thought i was the only one who prefers the 4.3 over those big things. anyway if there isn't anything special after samsung's or apple i think i will get myself the mi4 but for now keeping my old mi2 (celebrating its 2nd year birthday in some months :D)
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    DHL | ******* - Held at customs, Documents required!

    I got the same situation when I was in Greece, same email tracking and since then never ordered using DHL. To come back to what happened with, I was obliged to pay 80euros back then ( december 2012 I got the Mi2) no papers asked nothing else.
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    Share your Screenshots

    this H/E reminds me when I am in roaming, freaking out FUUUU** :D then I receive a message "bla bla roaming xx € / ko"
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    New Email App 4.4.25. SYNC combined Inbox

    I have 2 accounts in this app , and it syncs without any problem (both IMAP)
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    Share your Screenshots

    Miui + a custom theme ;)
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    New USB doesn't react!

    what kind of phone do you have :p ?
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    New S2 brick during flashing MIUI 4.3.28

    does it show any sign of life when you connect it to your pc ? if so, download oneclick unbrick and try to fix it