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    Gps Problem

    Hi Filip and thanks for your comment, hopefully it will help someone with the same issue :) I returned the phone and got a refund and bought a redmi 3 pro instead, had no issues with the gps on that one
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    Redmi 3 Test Point Need

    yes it works, vol+up, press, download, use the miflash tool to upload the desired rom
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    Gps Problem

    Hi, I cant get any fix on my location on the Redmi 3, tried everyting with 3 different roms(came with some multilangual china rom "muiu 77.*", flashed to stock china 7.2.7m and now xiaomi EU V7.1.3.0) . I found that you can boot to recovery (vol up + power) and go to "PCBA test" and test the...