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    After flashing 9.6.5 i'm facing low brightness in Aod ! I Re-flashed global dev and stable global and the aod was brighter!!Is this a new "magic" fix of xiaomi in aod brightness ? Xiaomi mi 8 (Dipper)
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    Looks good on Dipper so far so good!
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    So are we going ot have fresh links on sourgeforce for mi8(dipper)?or we waitting to upload and then to see them on sourceforge?
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    I want to ask if anyone is noticed that with dark theme we have better battery with proof of course because i didn't see any significant difference
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    I've read that this week version xiaomi mi 8 will have dc dimming is that true or is it only in global version?
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    Good update 9.5.16 but differences between 9.5.16 and 9.5.17? Now i'm running 9.5.17 smoothly on xiaomi mi8
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    I wonder this update has the fix of the permanent notification? or was only on poco f1?
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    Always stock kernel!!
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    Weird bug with WhatsApp notification.. sometimes sound don't work and only vibrates any solution??
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    mi 8 dirty flash so far everything is good!! So will we get widevine l1 like Poco?this and 4g+ aggression and we will be super!!
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    How can we check if in 1080p/60fps mode the camera use the 4-axis Ois? Nice add by the way!!Is camera improved also?
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    There is no such think in rom as i can remember!(ποτε δεν ειχαν,ειχα ρωτησει και εγω φαντασου εποχη hongmi.Καλημερα γιατρε!!)
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    how can i change the style of navigation buttons on my mi8?i want the style of miui stable 10.2.2 how can i change them in 9.2.15?
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    Nice update also dark mode is more than welcome!!
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    No changelog about 9.2.14 china dev?i can't see it on miui official too.Friday is the day then?