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  • Guess there's a problem with the Desire S port! Doesn't boot up...takes me back to the recovery :(
    HBOOT: 7.00.1002 (Revolutionary S-OFF)

    Could you please check the issue? Thank you :D
    hi friend, does your room for xiaomi mi2 has spanish language support? i live in mexico and for most persons here dont speak english.
    Hello iBotPeachs, can u pls link me to the Galaxy Note N7000 MIUI leaks.....
    The sites where i can find the leaks....
    Hello iBotPeaches,
    about the MIUI 5, i may help as beta tester if you need one :)
    I have Galaxy Nexus GSM.

    Thank you.
    @iBotPeaches can you please help me out here..when i connect usb to my sII usb mass storage isn't getting enabled like before i used to get pop up option in notification to enable it...now i can't get it...it happened suddenly right now im using 2.10.12 version i even used the latest update but no use...i even tried reveting back to previous versions but no use....is it driver probs plz help me
    Hey, when can we expect MIUI for zte grand x tegra ?

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    i'm interested too, )
    are we getting miui for grand x eu version? (512 RAM, CPU 1Ghz dual)
    Please, porting MIUI to Euro/Russian version ZTE Grand X, on Tegra 2 CPU and 512Mb RAM.
    i am intrested in translating miui into persian.
    can you help me?
    by telling me where to start? what to do?
    i would appericiate your help
    miuiandroid is way better then miui.us. but is there a way i can get their toolbox to work on the miuiandroid galaxynexus builds ? i would like to be able to edit the status bar
    hi dude
    i began translate persian for i9100 but i have a problem
    i didnt work with linux and im a windows lover
    what can i do for adding persian to miui multi language?
    can i give u the translated xml?
    hey peaches can you please give me an idea on how tot heme the new ics miui status pull down bar ? thanks in advance for any help
    Hi, I'm using 2.3.7. im running an e-mail. I'm installing Account, Load more messages scrolling from right to left quickly get this message ..
    Hello. I've seen your recent post about bandwidth donation. I was wondering if you could PM/email me so we can discuss this?

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