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    1.9.23: USB Tethering not working

    confirm.. working in 1.9.30 (Samsung Galaxy-S i9000)
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    General issues, and requests for future updates

    Hi All, Needless to count all positive sides of MIUI in general, especially after the latest update, and surely they are all known by you already.. here just would like to stress some of my findings (bugs or drawbacks) that needing fix, or points still there is room for further improvements; 1-...
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    1.9.23: USB Tethering not working

    I can cfm as +1 Both USB tethering and Portable wi-fi hotspot are not working. (also wiped cache, dalvik cache and fixed permissions before update) also there are some other issues that i have found, hope they all measured in upcoming weeks' updates; - MIUI music app does not see...