General issues, and requests for future updates


Sep 18, 2011
Hi All,
Needless to count all positive sides of MIUI in general, especially after the latest update, and surely they are all known by you already.. here just would like to stress some of my findings (bugs or drawbacks) that needing fix, or points still there is room for further improvements;
1- USB and wireless tethering not working (fixed in 1.9.30)
2- “Copy to sim” option for enabling user to copy a single phone contact entry to sim contacts does not exist. Also, when creating a new contact, it is not asked where it will be saved (guess the Google acc is default action here and cannot be changed)
3- Calendar; when launched it is always opened in agenda view , it should be user preference to choose default view whether month/week/day view or agenda + a good looking and functional widget with weeknumbers would make it unbeatable
4- MIUI music app, external-sd is not reached (fixed in 1.9.30) + also the media files (alarms, ringtones, notifications etc) stored in the external-sd not seen by system apps like clock, alarm clock, calendar etc.
5- widgets selector; it is too cumbersome, not user friendly at all (maybe the worst thing in MIUI, as contrast to all beauties of it) instead there could be a vertically scrolled one with group function for multiple widgets of same app
6- photo frame widget is buggy; it is behaving as if it will work while selecting photo and frame type but the image you have selected is not set when you press confirm to finish.
7- call settings/answer settings; flip to silence and quiet ring on pickup seemed not working
8- Alarm could be same as Samsung's original (can be set for different snooze intervalls & numbers per alarm entry, not common)
9- Car mode app or a similar one could be implemented natively in the rom
10- for those who want to use a conventional app drawer there can be alternative(s) like themes (personally I put almost all app shortcuts into a single folder and using AltDrawer as app drawer as a workaround) MIUI stock launcher is perfect when it comes to smoothness, also it is fast and reliable but iphonish structure (homescreen) is not user friendly imo
11- app killer functionality in recent apps window (long press on home button) is a plus, but it is not customizable for user to ignore some apps from killing.
12- Not sure if this is rom or kernel related or not, but GoWeather app settings are not saved. I have to re-align my settings after each boot (12/24 hr selection, my location, metric units, etc.) and Fancy widgets' widget is coming in another, same layout than i have set and used previously after every boot. Have not tested other widgets/apps though, but these two issues of two different apps/widgets sound like a rom issue.
13- One of the most important things is absence of an Office app, at least a doc reader for word, excel, powerpoint. Polaris Office (stock in Samsung firmwares) is the best imo, but unfortunately it is not found as a standalone app in market. Any other -free- solution also more than welcome.
14- Last but not least, fm radio, tv-out and wifi-n missing, at least in my Galaxy i9000

nevertheless, none of above does keep me away from this great rom, it is awesome, there are numerous goodies deserving a huge appreciation for each.. thank you all developers, keep up the great work, eagerly & constantly waiting for following updates every week.

Galaxy i9000, MIUI 1.9.30 with stock kernel
Im gonna add HD2 CLK problems with standart flashing kernel R12 by tytung must be done by kernel installer and then data dont work, when flash another KERNEL data works but wifi does Error.