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  • Hi iLstone ... how is it possible to get the new dock graphic applied in my screen. I don't know how you mean when you describe it in 8 steps. Mostly the last steps are these which i dont't understand. Greetz Samir
    im new here, sorry if i doing something wrong, i just change my iphone4 for galaxy s2, and i really want to out your ultimate iphone4 theme, but i dont now how to doit. can you help me?
    hi iLstone, i made a mod for your great theme (you can see my post on your theme's thread)
    Here is the first version of this mod: http://www.mediafire.com/file/okjth1mlr86zhq5/Systemui.zip

    It is not finish, i have some icon not themed so if people like this mod i will continue. If you want to include this mod in your theme, go on, no problem (with or without credits its no important for me).
    Thanks again for your great theme,
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