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    MIUI 9 7.8.17

    Quick card error and mailapp is crashing, can start it up but when I want to open a message, the app crashed :( Before installing miui 9, I wiped darvik, cache and data. Redmi 4x
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    MIUI 8.6 7.7.6

    I often get when trying to install a new rom > twrpboot > Zipfile is corrupt. I wiped data already, cache, dalvik, sometimes it works and I was wondering what could be the problem.
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    MIUI 8.6 7.6.29

    And ofcourse as always,, make sure you have a backup!
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    MIUI 8.6 7.6.29

    I have the same problem since 7.6.22, wipe Data, Cache and Dalvik > phone reboots into standard miui version > Reboot again in twrp mode > Wipe cache again and it worked (finally). I've also noticed the camera responds a lot slower since 7.6.22, not the image but when I take a picture it does...
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    MIUI 8.6 7.6.22/25

    File from androidfiles (HM4X) seems to be corrupted, downloaded it multiple times, when installing it on my redmi4x it says zipfile corrupted. Now trying to download and use file from (HM4X)
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    MIUI 8.6 7.6.15

    Everything working great. (Redmi 4x)
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    MIUI 8.3 7.5.18/19

    After updating from 7.5.11, gallery appp crashes constantly. Any idea how to fix or do I need to wipe the userdata/data? Redmi 4x
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    MIUI 8.3 7.5.4

    Ok thanks
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    MIUI 8.3 7.5.4

    I'm now running on the stable rom, do I need to wipe the data partition again to install this beta rom? And second, when I installed the beta and want to update to a newer beta, do I also need to wipe the data partition again? Thanks in advance for answering, big miui fan :)
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    Xiaomi Mi 6 Launch Event Confirmed! April 19th 2017

    I've had multiple android and windows phone devices in the entry range, believe me, xiaomi phones are far from ****** as it seems. I even saw the famous samsung S6 and S7 Edge lagging, even more than some extreme low budget android phones. On the bright site, there is plenty of choice between...