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    MIUI 14 23.3.27/28

    Seriously? Mi11 Ultra doesn't have the Leica camera app, so if yours had it was a hack and when you updated your rom, it updated the camera app as well.
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    New Custom sounds are ignored

    You can only set those from Xiaomi Theme Store in the app. How do you set an MP3 of your own choosing?
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    MIUI 14 22.12.19/21

    Do you know what the difference between a fastboot and recovery rom is? Essenetially , a recovery rom is a sripit running a batch file, whereas, in a fastboot rom, it is running a sript that install everything individually, but they use the same basic commands. I personally like fastboot roms...
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    Resolved Google Assistant swipe gesture not working

    In the latest dev rom for star (22.12.19/21) neither the swipe gesture nor knuckle tap on glass to launch Google Assistant is working.
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    MIUI 14 22.12.8/16

    Running the Mi11 Pro_Ultra rom and while the MIUI backup is working, I can not restore the backups. When hitting the restore button it doesn't start the restore process.
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    MIUI 13 22.8.3

    Received another OTA notification and that time the upgrade worked. No previous downloads worked. So I'm not sure if there was an updated ROM uploaded or just repeated trying. Howeever, I downloaded the rom from different sources 5 times in total and had the same result, then I get a new OTA...
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    MIUI 13 22.8.3

    Tried it again this morning (twice) and as I was on line recieved another message that there was another OTA available. I downloaded and that one flashed without issue.
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    MIUI 13 22.8.3

    did everything to install this rom and it errors out with "assert failed; update_dynamic_partitions(package_extract_file("dynamic_partitions_op_list"))"
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    MIUI 13 22.8.3

    tried again, errors out with "assert failed; update_dynamic_partitions(package_extract_file("dynamic_partitions_op_list"))"
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    MIUI 13 22.8.3

    Having issues installing weekly 22.8.3 for the Mi 11 Ultra. Receiving TWRP error 1. Running skkk version 5.1. Installed fine last week fine, without problems, this week problems. Tried via OTA and two different downloads in case there was an error with the download.
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    MIUI 13 22.5.11

    Do you think that there will ever be a method to install third party Icon Packs?
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    Selling Mi 11 Ultra...

    Yes it considered a China version with an EU rom installed.
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    MIUI 13 22.4.13

    As long as Xiaomi makes a Chinese ROM for your device, then Ingbrzy will have a ROM to release for your device.
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    MIUI 13 22.2.23

    Thamk you for the Mi 10 Pro rom.
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    MIUI 13 22.2.17/19

    Thank you for the Mi 10 pro rom.