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    A way to decrease text size of app icons only in folders?

    8/21 Hope nobody minds but I am waiting a good bit before bumping. The idea behind bumping it is that there hasn't been any responses and there is a possibility that somebody new will see the post that wasn't on the forum on either 8/2 or 8/9. Thank you miui community !
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    miui app drawer

    MIUI, Redefining Android: it's the title of the home page... the marvelous people behind this rom are making it quite clear that it's different... that single term redefining is powerful. They're letting you know that this is going to be a very different android experience. And, thankfully... it...
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    miui app drawer

    Take all your apps and put them in a folder. Click the pencil in the left hand corner of the folder and choose "Sort by name." Click OK. Drag that folder onto your launcher bar.
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    A way to decrease text size of app icons only in folders?

    Hi Guys, I'm giving this a bump because it got buried. I hope nobody minds the bump because I'd still really like to understand this ... In Settings/Personal I have font set to "large" because I need that... but it would appear... I think... that this global setting affects the size of the...
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    MIUI for Motorola ATRIX!!

    There's another Atrix thread here. But, yea... if it seems that there won't be a MIUI for it then I'm not upgrading to it... I'd rather use a MIUI evo over a new rocket that can't run it...
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    Motorola Atrix

    I've been thinking about this same question lately. Basically, my decision about whether I'm going to upgrade to the Atrix depends on whether there will be a MIUI for it... so, indeed... does anyone have any thoughts or info on this?? thanks
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    A way to decrease text size of app icons only in folders?

    Hi Guys and gals, The title basically says it all. I have app icons in folders and the app icon text is too large so the titles overlap. I don't want to decrease font size system wide because my eyes are .. um... in need of big fonts. :rolleyes: But, I'd like to be able to just decrease...
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    Nasty folder bug in 1.7.15

    What a strange bug, but yep... that worked. THanks! -------------------------------------------------- added: I spoke a little bit too soon. It started the weird cloning again with the fifth folder I created.