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    Cannot use any more TWRP and Custom Rom

    You must do the same as the first recovery installation because you roll back the version.
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    Xiaomi mi mix2 miui12 android10

    Thank you, it's a good job to fix, but it works great.
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    MIUI 12.0 20.5.28

    You don't have to do anything, just download zip and flash at all. There's no problem.
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    MIUI 12.0 20.5.28

    You don't have to pay attention.You can use magisk to recover the seller image without problems.
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    MIUI 12.0 20.5.14

    Everything has been fixed working well on mimix2 20.5.15 thanks to developers.
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    MIUI 12.0 20.5.7

    Everything works well on mimix2, except the auto-year opening function cannot be set. Thanks to the developer
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    MIUI 11.2 20.3.12

    20.3.12 is a great energy saving function on mimix2 thanks
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    MIUI 11.2 20.2.27

    You try using this because I use it for HTTPS effect://
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    MIUI 11.1 9.12.12

    Everything works fine on mix 2 thanks to the developer.
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    MIUI 11.1 9.12.5/6

    Everything works fine, but the only problem is that it cannot install the APK file from 3rd party but can be updated. I've tried and solved, but no luck. Who has a way to get many thanks
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    MIUI 11.1 9.12.5/6

    Double tap, turn on and off the screen, work well, and everything works fine on MI Mix 2 thanks to the developer.
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    MIUI 11.1 9.11.21/22

    Did you do anything wrong? Here it's normal.
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    MIUI 11.1 9.11.7

    Normal audio then from myself
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    MIUI 11.1 9.11.7

    Feel the sound is lighter than ever for Mimix 2, otherwise OK.
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    MIUI 11.1 9.9.26/27 v2 - MIUI 11

    Lets test Miui 11. Thanks you devs for your hard work