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    BUG: Samsung Galaxy SII Phone rings once

    Nobody cares ?! what happend to this ROM It's the 3rd consecutive week with this problem and nobody tries to help ?
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    BUG: Samsung Galaxy SII Phone rings once

    Hello I hope we get fix in this week update to the annoying problem that phone only rings once and after the ring ends it keeps vibrating!
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    miui 1.10.14 on hd2: ring tone only rings one time

    Any possible solution mates ?! The problem persists on SGII with 28.10.11 ROM
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    1.8.5 - Online Themes don't work properly

    me too, it does not work on HD2 It just gives FC or Failed to view when switching to online themes !
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    Arabic and Persian RTL Fix - 30-10-2011 HUGE UPDATE!!

    It works, thanks mate ...