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    Do you buy MI-ONE?

    They said ordered from Xiaomi official and other sellers who bought from Xiaomi company too. If you order, they need to offer official text and warranty book etc.
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    Do you buy MI-ONE?

    Hey,guys, I ordered a MI-ONE from Lightake: http:/ I found the same price in another store, but choose they as service. I can get my MI-ONE in November ,:D:D:D
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    Buying the Mi-One

    Xiaomi Company released the latest shipping information about MI-One, from those found they will spend at least 2 months to send over all the 30 thousands phones. So if you want to buy , you should wait until December at least I think. They will add a new page for Mi-One sale , you can buy...
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    All pre-order, if can get it as soon as possible, I can pay more
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    Will you buy the MI-One?

    I‘ll order from Lightake that pre-order now.I'll wait it
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    [REQ] Iphone Mods to MIUI?

    This is very cool and so interesting, I think we can think more cute apps into iPhone