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    gps since gingerbread.

    i told you i already did. doesn't help. another suggestions?
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    gps since gingerbread.

    since MIUI upgrade to gingerbread i can't use my GPS. I using milestone, and i try everything, i use FasterFix to change the atp server (also i do it manually). GpsFix and GPS status also. the weird thing that on CM7 the GPS work just fine! if any of you know some member of the Chinese...
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    phone.apk FC

    when i press *444 the phone force closing, anyone can check it on his own phone? if it just in my machine i think i can fix it. but i need to be sure . maor.
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    GPS unfunctional on milestone help me out!!

    the history: in 2.2.1 the GPS worked fine, but since the update to 2.3.3 its just stop. i am using miui since 10/2010 and then in 1.3.25 i think, when they upgrade to 2.3.3 the problem showed up. i already tried to fix the parameters throw the file using adb, but its not the problem, i...
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    if i want to translate??

    which files should i translate in the framework-res.apk? i open it with the apktool and now i need list of files that i need to change, to be sure that i dont miss any.. thanks, maor.
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    milestone really get 2.3.3?????

    if i'm install miui 1.4.1 my android upgrade to 2.3.3?? it shouldnt be done by the rsd light?? i mean that to upgrade android version you need to burn through the bootloader and not simply the openrecovery... and what is deodexed??
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    Hebrew RTLFix

    It seems to be that it dosent work on milestone. Please take care of that, I'm realy depand on you. Til 1.2.29 it work fine In 1.3.25 the framework.jar is not from milestone source. The screen stock on motorola logo.
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    Hebrew RTLFix

    can you send me a tutorial how can i do it by my self, and what tools ,files i need for that?. thanks, maor.
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    finally thank you!!

    at last here it come! please upload the last RTL update i need it fast! 0.12.18