milestone really get 2.3.3?????


Dec 7, 2010
if i'm install miui 1.4.1 my android upgrade to 2.3.3??
it shouldnt be done by the rsd light??
i mean that to upgrade android version you need to burn through the bootloader
and not simply the openrecovery...
and what is deodexed??
You install the new version of MIUI like you would any version, and it will be Gingerbread (2.3.3) based.

I forget exactly, but Deodexed allows custom themes I think, something to do with that.

Edit, found explanation
Apk files have respective odexes that devs use to supposedly save space. Deodexing means you convert it back to a .dex file and put it back inside the apk. This allows you to easily replace files (not having to worry about odexes), but the main point was to deodex services.jar so that you can change all text to different colors (such as the clock color to white) and to deodex services.jar, you need to deodex everything.
I flash on eclair... I'm right or i before install official froyo?
Thank you
The GUI is based on 2.3 (i.e it has some 2.3 features such as better copy and paste) but the kernel is still 2.2. due to the locked bootloader.