Nov 6, 2010
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    1. nightwing90
      Device: Galaxy SIII
      MIUI Version: 3.8.29

      Sir,need your help. i am new to MIUI. flashed version 3.8.29 with gapps 4.1 yesterday and liked it. but all i need to know that is Sudden death issue is fixed in the version 3.8.29?? My device is galaxy s3. or i need to flash any different kernel like Siyah?? If yes could u name the custom kernel that works for Galaxy S3 MIUI Thanks and hoping an urgent reply..
    2. khajehdaloie
      I`m Waiting 3.8.23 for my Phone (LG P880)...
    3. reivaax01
      Hey Mark!
      are you ok?
      We do not have news about your work on xiaomi box sniff ... :(
      I hope everything goes well for you. :)

      Good week.
      1. Jirka
        Waiting on ENG too :-)
        Aug 31, 2013
    4. therm
      i think emotionui B601 is the perfekt choice ???
    5. therm
      does anybody now where to find a new system that works for huawei ascend u9500 ( d1 )
      what cwm and rom do i need and where to find it
      please help... i am so tired of this miuirom because there is no update to jellybean
    6. emperorsuresh
      Hi Mark. In the next version of miui_gapps, can you please include the English TTS engine as well? Thanks!
    7. diimaswanda
      waiting for Xperia arc S, i will port to Xperia Ray ツ
    8. deepsilence
      I flashed last v5 3.5.10 Rom . But in the first boot my phone said unfortunaelly android keyboard stopped. I can't use Rom. How can I fix this bug.
      1. MarkHUK
        try another keyboard
        May 13, 2013
    9. mdth36
      miui for htc one please!!!!!!!! LOVE MIUI!! :)
    10. mdth36
      hi Mark! miui for HTC One? :)
      1. MarkHUK
        maybe end of the month, who knows :)
        May 13, 2013
    11. faris
      The Arabic font used on V5 is a bit small and not really readable,
    12. r.king35
    13. Zose
      Hi MarkHUK,

      i'm from Slovakia and i'm interesting for make XIAOMI ROM for myself, i would like to us your WIUI ROM but i dont know how to make your ROM from base MIUI ROM. Could you explain me in breif, please ?

      Thank you in advance.

    14. Marqc
      For you are part of the dev team for the ROMs, I'd like to know whether there's a way to chenge the vibrate settings via 3rd party apps. So far I couldn't get it to work (whith "audio control"). If I go to vibrate settings in the app, the system's car mode gets opened up.
    15. stuolniks
      hey i cant install 3.2.22 to my samsung i9000 , getting error . Try to update sempahores and recovery but it doesn't work . Could you help me ?
    16. tzadka
      Hi Mark,

      I posted a thread on a graphical issue I have on my Xiaomi Mi2.

      I heard that you can really make changes in the MIUI rom.

      I am now on the V5 but nothing I tried helped to overcome this issue, I think that there are bugs in the screen driver of the phone and it affects some devices in some occasions.

      Can you look for it please?
      1. Marqc
        I have this issue, too. please read the thread. today I found out something new, maybe.
        Mar 19, 2013
    17. zubairra
      Hello mark..Would you please integrate Google Voice as default on English ROM is it possible?
      Or Miui has any English voice software?
    18. faridaizuddin
      Hi Mark, I just want to ask permission from your side to use N7100 MIUI Rom for my development later.. Thanks for your awesome ROM!
    19. ahmetaslan
      Greetings, Htc One has X phone. I want to build rom, but I heard that MIUI rom s imei removal problem.
      What are your comments. Have Turkish language.
    20. eversleyd
      how can I get a miui rom lg esteem
    21. nagorimayank
      Guess there's a problem with the Desire S port! Doesn't boot up...takes me back to the recovery :(
      HBOOT: 7.00.1002 (Revolutionary S-OFF)

      Could you please check the issue? Thank you :D
    22. Jeffrey Rust
      Jeffrey Rust
      I am new to this website and the world of Updating my phone OS. I have experience with reinstalling windows and ubuntu on PC's but never done anything on a mobil phone other than installing apks outside of the market.
      I was wondering what is the best way to get ICS on my Xiaomi 1 ?
    23. Amey Kanikdale
      Amey Kanikdale
      Hello MarkHUK, can u pls link me to the Galaxy Note N7000 MIUI leaks.....
      The sites where i can find the leaks....
    24. the amir x.r3y
      the amir x.r3y
      Hi Mr. MarkHUK

      I am rey, from Batam, Indonesia.
      I wants to ask U which rom is best for my phone, sony xperia tipo (st21i)?
    25. kutkutgb
      Hi Mark! What do you know about the dead pixels on Mi2? This has been solved already?
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