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    [MOD] Extended Settings Menu Options

    hey Andy first i would like to thank you for your hard work o getting and keeping this mod going and secondly i am loving the new app drawer. would it be possible to change it to near the bottom of the launcher dock? like in the concept video, just an idea though it would probably take lots of...
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    [MOD] Extended Settings Menu Options

    changing carrier icon Hey i have an idea on something that mite improve this mod even though ti is already awesome. a wat to change the carrier icon without modding a theme's mtz. it may be impossible but just thought id throw it out there Thanks Matt
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    Noooo I wrote the wrong email it's I messed up hopefully I get another one Sent from my Nexus One using the forum app
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    i would like one as well i they open it up again
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    MIUI-DEV WEATHER Help & Support

    how come and is there anyways that i would be able to get it working in canada? Matt
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    MIUI-DEV WEATHER Help & Support

    hi i was wondering when will the beta be expanding location ex. canada?
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    MIUI-DEV WEATHER Help & Support

    hey thanks for the hard work just wondering if there is support for Canada coming soon thanks matt
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    Would you consider paying for the MIUI Weather app if it was made available?

    hey mark i agree with eric3316 i think you should make a donation section were you guys can not be bothered by all the free loaders and disrespecting a**holes who dont respect the hard work that you guys put into this and miui as a whole thanks again for all your hard work mark and all the...
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    Messing with MIUI Weather

    I'll test to if you want surrey, canada.... Thanks for your hard work on this Sent from my Nexus One using the Forums App
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    miui dev app?

    my miui-dav app has stopped working recently and i was wondering if there was a way to fix it ?
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    continuous home screen

    li8ke the title says i would like to know if any talented dev out there would be able to make the home screen continuous i think with the new transitions it would be a nice feature to add to miui. However I have no coding ability so if someone could do this that would be nice thanks in...
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    Market gone?

    So it's only me :s guess it's wipe time Sent from my Nexus One using the Forums App
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    Market gone?

    As of last night for some reason I get market force close any ideas why Sent from my Nexus One using the Forums App
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    Changing your fonts [ How to ]

    yes a guide would be great thanks
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    they should be showing up unless they do not have the part your trying to load like boot animation and sound the rest of them should be there