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    Notifications on last miui 11 beta

    Edit: Please delete, can't find where to myself.
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    I'm still in love with my white MI4c

    Me too - not just the camera :) Have been looking at the new phones and none of them catch my eye. So it has to go on working so well for a while longer.
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    Mi4c,instando Twrp E Rom

    This is an English speaking forum. Please write in English. And cause I've seen it elsewhere: If someone replies - please only reply in English. This may be useful information for someone else. Thank you!
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    Is The Mi Pad 3 Is Still Being Updated?

    I also totally understand the decision not to put up with all the flaws in Mi Pad 3. And I highly appreciate all the work and time you guys put into the rom develop- and betterment - so thank you! But: I would also "beg" for one last stable version :)
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    Miui 9 For Mi Pad 3

    Ok, found two more issues: Widgets aren't working. Only quick toggles or what it's called. Also the browser still force closes when trying to enter the settings menue. So updater app is working, which is good, but two new issues are there (themes app and widgets) and an old problem (browser fc)...
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    Miui 9 For Mi Pad 3

    If the themes app is particularly important to anyone: You shouldn't download this version. It has the Chinese themes app... And no - it doesn't work unfortunately :)
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    MIUI 9 7.9.7/8

    MiPad3 - someone has forgotten to replace the Chinese themes app with the one for "us" ;) Other than that: Nice! Thank you so much!
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    I Can Not Install A New Rom And Infinite Reboot

    You're very welcome - hope that's good karma for my UK trip on Wednesday :)
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    I Can Not Install A New Rom And Infinite Reboot

    Ok, am back in twrp. If anyone else has this problem: long-press power button. Chose "reboot" and at same time only press volume+ until in twrp....
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    I Can Not Install A New Rom And Infinite Reboot

    Hi, funny thing, wanted to boot into twrp to make pictures for you. I can't get back into twrp! Now I'm having a problem o_O. You can see all the necessary buttons in the video. I did exactly what he said in the video and then rebooted into twrp. Then FIRST I resized data ("wipe" - "advanced...
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    I Can Not Install A New Rom And Infinite Reboot

    I fixed it: Although twrp had seemed fine, I reflashed it with adb and followed all the steps in the comments to this youtube video: Try resizing data and then format data in twrp (see comments under video). Then I flashed 7.7.6. again and it's working. There are still bugs, but for now I can...
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    I Can Not Install A New Rom And Infinite Reboot

    I seem to have the same problem. Had a shop rom, installed twrp with all the necessary steps (wipe system, format...). Twrp works finde, but after installing this rom: I'm stuck on the mi logo but on the bottom there is the android logo as well and the...
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    No Signal/reception

    I know it's frustrating when noone answers but I have no idea except your antenna seems to be broken. It won't help you to hear that my mi4c has excellent reception in- and outside :( Give it some time, someone might be able to give you advice here...
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    Wifi Hotspot Problem

    I am on 8.1.2 stable and currently online with WPA2. Has never been a problem, I have always been on stables from the beginning.
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    MIUI 8.2 6.9.29

    Hi everyone, I'm looking for a changelog for the stable roms. The link provided here in the first post is old and doesn't show miui 8 stables. Would it make sense to read the changelogs of the "original" xiaomi roms? Thanks!