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  • Hi miboy, do you know any information about Android Oreo to Mi Box3 MDZ-16-AB release date? If already avaliable, do you know the link where I can get it? Thanks
    Hello miboy, I have a strange issue with my mibox 4k. It's a european version MDZ-16-AB, nothing modified. I cannot play Netfilx in 4k- installed DRMInfo and it says, that HDCP is 2.2 (3 out of my tv's 5 ports are 2.2) and yet I still get only FHD video out of the app. Any ideas why?
    Dear miboy. I see you almost know everything. Can you help me ? After I did factory reset, all goole products updated, and have now white color (cover), and + youtube always says error, only works after reboot. I bought second device, which is fine, youtube is red color. Please, let me know how to fix it. Maybe I have to downgrade to miui or I dont know noth about it. Thx
    Dear miboy, if you really are in contact with someone from the dev team then please ask them to fix the auto refresh rate problem (chmod 666) and please let them add external hdd writing permissions.
    Hi friend,
    Do you have any idea what could be the reason of restarts due to external harddrive connection to mibox? Any chance of hardware or circiut problem? Thank you so much.
    try a powered usb hub, however, the power supply inside the Mibox may have already been damaged
    Hi, miboy.
    I buy mi box tv 16-ab version on ebay .But Seller sent 19-aa version to me. Can you flash the 16-ab firmware on my 19-aa box?
    Help me ,Please .
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