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    How to Port to HTC HERO CDMA

    Not without hardware in hand. Sorry. Sent from my MIUI Mesmerize - - -
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    how can I log to Miui Account Manager???

    I know there was a sign-up page at for a while. That's where I registered. Sent from my MIUI Mesmerized - - -
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    Option to move Apps to SD is grayed out

    A good rule of thumb is don't force an app the has a widget. If you do the widget will not work. If apps2sd doesn't work for you try using titanium backup. It can move anything to SD. Sent from my Desire CDMA using Tapatalk
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    Can't download through Browser or Miui app download stuff!

    Most versions of mtd break the ability to download from the market. This is a known issue and is being addressed. Sent from my Desire CDMA using Tapatalk
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    Turn Off "Mobile View" in Browser

    Or better yet use Miren browser. Its designed by some people on the actual MIUI dev team. Works really slick. Sent from my Desire CDMA using Tapatalk
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    Pea Pod Translation

    I like this idea as well. Pea pod could really help take our devices to the next level. I'm sure a port is possible but just like the newly released MIUI weather app, its going to take some time and someone to spearhead it. I wouldn't expect Mark to take it on as he is busy with the dev team and...
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    MIUI gingerbread improvements

    Let's not forget that this is the very first attempt using gingerbread. Its new for everyone including the devs in China. Things like lockscreen and scroll are not technical problems, simply aesthetic things that will change over time. We just need to wait more than one build for changes. Just...
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    MIUI-DEV WEATHER Help & Support

    Use a different browser such as Moreno or dolphin Sent from my Desire CDMA using Tapatalk
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    MIUI-DEV WEATHER Help & Support

    Mark, As a man of my work, please see a donation added to your account! I honestly would have paid more. THANK YOU!
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    MIUI-DEV WEATHER Help & Support

    ARRRRG. Adb keeps telling me device not found. are there some special drivers for the htc desire i need?
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    MIUI-DEV WEATHER Help & Support

    This works Mark... and you have a crisp $20 American headed your way via ME!!!
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    MIUI-DEV WEATHER Help & Support

    HELP Okay I feel a little defeated. I tried moving the apk and db from the download location on my sdcard to /system/apps. attempter to install via root explorer and it says APP NOT INSTALLED. What am I doing wrong? CDMA Desire btw: i don't use adb. am i screwed?
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    2-18-11 Official Release Notes

    There is no release yet. This is just an early change-log for this Fridays release. ;) Sent from my Desire CDMA using Tapatalk
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    2-18-11 Early Release Notes

    Doesn't sound like a lot this week but here are the early release notes. Again, google translate is crazy sometimes... rice noodles!!! *** Members rice noodles, this week MIUI stability is concentrated in the ROM, and improved a lot. This outlines some of the new features added...
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    Where is the new MIUI UI?

    I guess it doesn't matter. Mark dies the ports, so you get what he releases. After all, MIUI is his baby, he can do what he likes. Sent from my HTC Desire CDMA using Tapatalk