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    New Dialer

    Its not help
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    New Dialer

    Hey, I changed to English but it did not really help, as you see in the video thank you New video
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    New Dialer

    Hey, attach a video, thank youVideo
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    New Dialer

    Hello, I have your rom installed on the mi8 device, when I click the dialer it opens on the contacts and not on the call log and can not dial except by going manually to the call log I'd love to get help, thank you very much
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    MIUI 10.3 9.1.10

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    Hello, An entirely new field of MIUI and XIAOMI I have a new device model: HM NOTE 1LTEW MIUI version; KHICNBF96.0 My question is: Since there are quite a few things that do not work well, which MIUI version can be installed on the device? Thanks in advance for the answer