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    help porting to droid 4 (wifi woes)

    ok i got it to boot and every thing seems to be working fine part from some minor things like no back light control not keyboard and capacitive button back light come up with no service when it have it then some major things like no sms (this is the same on other roms for my phone that on one...
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    cant use data on virtual network operator (MVNO) [unsolved]

    lol i though there should have been some way to do it couldnt find it though thanks sorry for wasting your time edit got data working but i have to be roaming to use it still would like a way to fool the phone to think its current network(just my home network) isnt roaming
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    cant use data on virtual network operator (MVNO) [unsolved]

    my phone says its roaming all the time with miui even though its not roaming. it is using o2 cell towers but i am on tesco mobile, i believe it is called national roaming this is why my phone thinks i am roaming. i cant use data on my phone as it thinks i am roaming but if i turn on...
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    cant use data on virtual network operator (MVNO) [unsolved]

    just changed mobile service provider and they dont have there on cell towers so they use another companys whitch i beleave is called national roaming. miui is telling me i am roaming and i cant use data when roaming(even with international roaming enabled) is there any fix for this or could...
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    Flashlight App

    that would be considered pirating the app for one and the miui light is almost the same as the sense one if i remember right.
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    MIUI Apps - What do you want to see?

    miui clock app with stop watch and timer.
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    Miui Lovers!!! **1 Thing you hate about Miui Rom that you would like fixed??**

    - main gripe is that the launcher has on horizontal view - i would like the super bright option in the miui light - long hold power to do some thing other then just open notifications - 4 way reboot to be standard - better integration for physical key boards oh and to have choice of dark or...
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    Vote for the new MIUI Slogan!

    wouldnt some thing like "MIUI, Reinventing The Wheel." be better.
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    Disable MIUI lockscreen to use 3rd party lockscreen app?

    install "intelligent keylock unlocker" works for me bit of a dirty work around but hay it works